Entrepreneurial Problem

There are huge challenges with building global tech companies at Whitespace we’ve experienced most of them as we’ve built our companies. The main problems are:

Turning great technology into a product and then into a business

Putting the right infrastructure in place

Creating routes to market and ultimately sales

Getting the right supportive investors on board at the right time

Entrepreneurial Solution

At Whitespace we have aimed to address these Entrepreneurial problems:


we have global technology partners and our own R&D Lab


we have global support partners and our own support platform


we have partnered with Corporates who provide global routes to market


we have partnered with value-add direct investors around the world

Entrepreneurial Value

We fast-track our companies to a listing on our private market facility investment exchange (WhiteList). This also provides significant benefits to Start-ups:

  • Capital – it widens the potential capital so we can be with you for the journey
  • Options – it means employee share options have real value helping recruitment
  • Liquidity – provides early investors with potential liquidity s.t. any lock-in
  • PR – raises the profile of the company as you will be part of our private market facility
  • Corporates – raises your profile with Corporate partners
  • Exit – speeds the exit options if required

Entrepreneurial Services

  • We charge a standard fund raising fee for funds
    raised through our private platform
  • We act for Investors and sit on the Board and help grow your business and charge a small management fee
  • We then charge an exit fee as shares are sold
  • Additional listing and technology fees for services provided are payable

Some of the Start-ups we have worked with:

  • TaDaWeb – cyber security company on Cisco EIR and Disrupt 100
  • Tradiio – Disrupt 100 music industry disruptive company
  • Probe Scientific – Disrupt 100 medical device company
  • Warwick Analytics – data analytics company on Cisco EIR