Institutional Problem

  • Wealth Management is changing – risk of disintermediation
  • Wealthy clients are looking for more interesting direct investments
  • Sourcing investments, carrying out DD and monitoring is difficult
  • Compliance around direct investing complicated
  • Client engagement around direct investing is risky if internally sourced
  • Ability to scale an offering complicated by ad hoc nature
  • BUT, someone will solve the issue and risk of losing business

Institutional Solutions

  • Wealth Managers can offer clients exclusive access to the Whitespace private market
  • Whitespace can offer Institutions fund structures around themes e.g. healthcare
  • Additional opportunities exist in listing debt products
  • We can also offer Institutions tax efficient structures for their clients:
    • EIS fund structures
    • SIPP/NISA qualifying funds
    • BPR qualifying
    • BIR qualifying
    • ETF products
    • VCT fund
  • The above structures would invest in a subset of the companies listed

Institutional Value

  • We can offer access to the Whitespace portfolio companies through existing broking services
  • We provide additional compliance including daily quote prices and reporting
  • We provide detailed data for analysts and transparency of information
  • We also look to work with Institutions who want to invest off-balance sheet or want to take companies through to IPO
  • Institutions benefit from Corporates:
    • Whitespace targeted deal flow
    • Extra DD around tech and markets
    • Corporates accelerate growth by opening routes to market
    • Corporates will often co-invest
    • Corporates accelerate exit opportunities
  • Early-stage investing is overall de-risked with the potential for compounding returns

Institutional Services

We don’t charge fees to Institutions for opening Whitespace deals to their clients

We charge reduced management fees for fund structures (SIPP, ISA, VCT, EIS)

We can also work with Institutions around Managed Accounts where themed investments are made on a discretionary basis