Investor Problem

  • If Investors want to access the best global tech companies they typically have to go through a traditional VC fund structure
  • Investors have no choice over which investments they get and they are forced into illiquid fund structure
  • Investors get no choice over when they get their money back (typically 7-9 years)


Traditional fund structure where Investors have to invest via a 10-year fund structure and have no choice over investments or exit timeframes.

Investor Solution

  • Whitespace allows Investors to choose which investments they support
  • Whitespace gives Investors liquidity by listing shares on the WhiteList private market
    • Investors also benefit from the Corporate partners:
    • Targeted deal flow
    • Enhanced DD by Corporates
    • Corporates accelerate growth
    • Corporates accelerate exit


Whitespace removes the fund structures giving Investors choice of investments and also choice of exit timeframes by its exclusive private market.

Investor Value-add

Versus a VC Fund: Whitespace gives choice of investments and choice of exit timeframe

Versus Crowd-funding: Whitespace supports investments, manages them and provides liquidity

Whitespace’s Corporate co-investment program enhances DD, growth and speeds an exit

Investor Services

  • VC Fund: 2% mgt fee, 20% carry
  • Crowd-funding: high entry price
  • Whitespace charges no annual fee
  • Whitespace charges no carry
  • Whitespace only charges a 3% exit fee when you sell your shares